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How to Do an Ear Clap in Self-Defense

Learn how to do an ear clap in this self-defense video from Howcast.


So now we're going to talk about how to execute an ear clap.

So, I know it sounds silly but it has its technique, but its basically you have to cup your hand, but be careful of not touch with your fingers, so that's why you need a partner. In the beginning you need to make sure that when your push, in this case we're gonna use the shoulder, you cup your hand you don't touch with your fingers. Otherwise you can hurt yourself. Okay, so, just doing that, okay? Again, just doing that.

So, she practiced, Now she practiced again, she does it again. Nice. Again, so its not only hitting, its pushing a little bit. Boom! Okay? Do it. Nice. Nice. Do it again. Nice. So now, in this case, you can use it two ways.

One as a target, okay? Imagine that its going to go her ear, and now I'm gonna practice with her shoulder, like this, okay? Like this, very quick, boom, that is a real target. I just want to use that in this case. So I will do that to her ear. That's one option.

And the second option is a powerful technique. I want to move he to one side to punch with the other, so I clap, and I punch. I hit her, she will move to the side, and I will punch, it doesn't matter if she covers herself, even if she covers, boom, I move her to the side, boom, and I will punch her. Okay?

So that's how you normally do the ear clap in a self defense scenario.

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