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How to Do a Shin Kick in Self-Defense

Learn how to do a shin kick in this self-defense video from Howcast.


So now we're going to speak about how we're going to kick to the shin.

So the shin is a very sensitive area, Okay? So we have mainly two different parts, one is the front of the shin and the other one is the inside of the shin, Okay? So we're going to focus on both but in this case before we go there, I want to explain how to use it and where to use it.

One we are using kicks, normal is to gain some distance, Okay? We want to kick there, to get some distance to allow myself to get out of the situation or to not allow that person to come to me, Okay? So, we're here, real case scenario, she's threatening me, she's coming, boom I kick her, Okay? So, this kick is to the front, boom, it can be to either legs, Okay? So the only problem is that when I kick to the front leg, I must see if I have the distance because maybe, she's too close.

Again, very important, in the beginning when you're practicing with your partners, measure the distance, see, 'Okay, I have the distance', Okay I do it again boom, this is a proper distance, not I can start doing that scenario and practice that scenario.

So, that person comes to us, boom, I stab that person by kicking her or his shin, Okay? Very important to notice that if I have this, I'm probably not having this one. So what happens if she gets closer, now I cannot kick this, I'm too close, Okay? So I should kick the other one, Okay? That's the difference between one and the other, it's just the distance. So that's one kick.

What am I going to use to kick? Normally the ball of our foot, always. Not try to kick with the front because we can hurt our toes or even hurt our ankles, so, keep it simple, just use the ball of your foot, Okay? That's one move.

The other one is if I try to kick the inside, which is even more sensitive. For this case, in this case, I have to use the ball of our foot but I have to put it on one side. I cannot kick to the front, Okay, I have to kick to the sides, I have to put my foot on the side, boom, like this, Okay? Boom, like this, again, boom, like this. I can use either this side or I can move it to the other side and kick the other leg. She's coming to us, boom. I stop her, again, boom. I stop her, again, boom, I stop her, Okay?

So that's how you normally kick the shin in a self offense scenario.

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