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How to Attack an Assailant's Knee in Self-Defense

Learn how to attack an assailant's knee in this self-defense video from Howcast.


So we're going to explain how to attack an assailant's knee. First of all I want to cover a couple of things, is like the distance, it's very very very important. It's like if you're in a areal scenario, self defense, you have to make sure that you have a proper distance, why? You don't want to knee someone from this distance because you don't have the proper distance. The same way, if you're here, you shouldn't kick anybody because it's like, you don't have the proper distance.

So, normally we will say that for long distance, you will kick, you see her foot, Okay, and if you're close, you will use your knee. So, imagine that you are in this scenario where you feel threatened, that person is insulting you and he's coming and it's like, you feel really threatened, so, there's a quick way to get out of that. So she's coming, imagine that you step back first, and you're coming, coming, come, come, boom. That's it, very simple. You just go directly, straight, Okay and hit her knee, Okay?

That is when you have long distance but what happens if she's already close? That's a very different scenario. Like, if I'm in this situation I would have to attack her knee using my own knee, but there is a way that we can avoid hitting her knee, is by going above, never never go for the knee cap, you're going to hurt yourself, so the proper way to train is like, imagine that you are not only going to hit, you're going to step.

So, it's going to be something like this, I'm going to big step, Okay? So again, I'm going to give a big step, Okay? Try to do it me, step, nice, do it again, nice. So that's the idea, not only hitting but actually going through, Okay? This is very important and where can you use that? Imagine that a person is grabbing you, Okay? So you can go, exactly, if that person is grabbing you this way, nice, Okay? Or if that person is even trying to punch you, punch, be slow, you get closer, boom, you can hit that way, Okay?

And that's how you attack someone's knee.

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