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How to Attack an Assailant's Groin in Self-Defense

Learn how to attack an assailant's groin in this self-defense video from Howcast.


Okay, so now we're going to speak about one of the best, if not the best, self offense moves. It's how to attack the groin, Okay?

There are so many ways that you can attack the groin but we're going to divide it in to three, Okay? Like using your hands, using your knee and using your foot, OK? So, using your hand, it's like a palm strike, you can practice this way with your partner by just pushing her shoulder, pushing a little bit and be careful, not to touch with your fingers because you can hurt yourselves. Just push by using your palm, exactly, Okay do it, nice, nice, nice, again, nice.

Another way that you can practice that is by using the side of your leg, the inside, Okay? So, just by hitting that area, you can feel a little bit, so, let's switch a little bit, so you can see it, so, exactly, do it again, nice?

So that will be one way, we can also use our fist, Okay? So if she's in front of us, OK? In this case, we can use this fist, Okay? Or we can even use the back fist. When would we use this move? There's a difference, I would use this move when I want to go to that side, imagine that she's in front of us and I want to go to this side, boom, I would hit with the palm. Why to the side? Because after I do that, she's going to move in this direction and I don't want her to head butt me. That's very important, Okay?

The second is like, when I would use this fist, when I move in to the other side, the same reason, if I stay here, boom, she's going to heat butt me by accident, very important. So I move, boom, at the same time that I hit, Okay? That's regarding the hand.

We can also use our knees, she is grabbing me, Okay? Very easy she's grabbing me, I just have to go for it, boom, that's it, I can grab her head and I can squeeze and knee her at the same time, Okay? Again, boom, easy as that, Okay? That's regarding the knee, but we can also hit her with our foot, so how? Put in front of me, so we have the ball of our foot, just really quick kick, literally, just like that, boom, I still have some distance so it doesn't matter if she goes down, boom. If she goes down, all the way down, boom, go down, boom, I can still elbow her, Okay? Or I can even go palm up.

But I can also use my foot or my shin to go deeper. This way she's going to go down, OK? Boom, I hit her and by using that I push the pelvis a little bit so she will have to move a little more, boom, again, I can use my elbow, or I can use my palm.

So those are some moves that can you can use to attack the groin.

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