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How to Escape a Front Choke Hold

Learn how to escape a front choke hold in this self-defense video from Howcast.


We are going to talk about how to escape from a front choke hold. Okay. First of all, this is a real self defense situation, so you need to know that you are going to probably feel fright, fear, or scared. Take a deep breath from the beginning.It's very important that you keep calmed down. Very, very important.

And let's review a couple of things first. I'm going to be in front of her, and I'm going to try to choke her. The way that normal people choke is this way, where both arms would be one on top of the other one, and by squeezing my hands. Her first reaction should be always try to close your chin as soon as you feel this. Very important. Okay? Very, very important. So I cannot keep pressure on that point. Okay?

Second thing that she is going to do, she's going to grab both of my wrists. This is one move. OK? And she's going to pull me to herself. Okay? And now she's going to kick me. And exactly at the same time again, she's going to kick me. Again. Okay. That's one move that you can do. The second move is if she crosses that hand, exactly, and she strikes with that palm, or if she punches, or see, exactly. Or she can even elbow me. Nice. And at the same time, imagine that you're just using your palm, you knee me at the same time. Again. Boom. At the same time. Nice. Okay. In this case, you need to pull, because what you are going to try to do is the opposite. You are going to move that person away, and at the same time you knee.

I'm going to show you how to do it from the other position. She's going to grab me. Okay. First thing again, grabbing. This is the first thing. We are going to move our chin down. Okay? Chin down. And then we're going to grab her wrist, and now we are going to, boom. Pull and kick at the same time. Pull, and knee. Okay? Pull, and knee. Okay?

And the second thing would be if I grab with one hand crossing the other arm. So I protect myself again. Very important. Chin down. We cannot keep our Chin up. Otherwise she's going to keep pushing. Okay? Very important. Grabbing, striking, and knee her at the same time. Okay? Boom. Like that.

And that's how we escape a front choke hold.

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