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How to Use an Umbrella as a Weapon in Self-Defense

Learn how to use an umbrella as a weapon in this self-defense video from Howcast.


Now, I'm going to talk about how to use everyday objects as a weapon. In this case, I'm going to talk about the umbrella.

We can do a couple of things with the umbrella. Mostly what you can do, is you can hit or you can control. I'm going to show you first how to hit. Always try to grab in the middle except if it's a very, very long umbrella. Try to leave at least one fist between the extreme and your hand. Once you have that, you have a strong grip. You can hit by doing a hammer fist. It's like a regular hammer fist. The only thing is instead of using your hand, you're going to use your weapon, in this case, the umbrella. You're going to hit by using your body, your momentum, so don't forget about moving your body.

Very important, at the same time you move, you move your umbrella. It's not separated. It's not this then this, at the same time. You have a lot of strength here and the good thing is that you are going to be able to hit really hard without feeling anything. That would be about hitting.

How can you perform that against a real attack? She tries to punch me and right directly what I'm going to do is I'm going to hammer fist her face. It's very quick, it's very easy, so go again. Again, very easy. She's going to try to do it again. I'm going to attack her and now I'm going to explain it very slow.

She's going to raise it first, then she's going to smash again all the way down. Not only there, but all the way down, boom. Exactly. My hand is going to move, again, exactly. One more time, boom.

Once we have that, we can not only do that but we can also control. We hit her and now I have her on the side and I can choke her. Very easy, just look at this and instead of using my arm, what I'm going to use is my hand and he umbrella. Just simple as that, again, like this. The whole motion would be go, one, two, and control. She's going to do it very slowly and I'm going to explain to you a couple things.

Slow, one, slow, hit me, go for it, and now she controls with the umbrella. I'm going to turn so you can see it with the umbrella, not with the hand. One more time, I'm going to hit very slow, spread your legs, she hits me a second time, boom. Now, all the way to my neck, she uses the umbrella. She doesn't use her hand, very important.

After that, a little tricks that you can do. For example, once she hits me, I don't need to hit her face. It might be that she covers her face with the other hand. I can hit the arm, move it away, and I can hit back. I will do it again very slow. Boom, move it away and I can hit.

Those are little tricks that you can use with the umbrella.

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