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How to Use Keys as a Weapon in Self-Defense

Learn how to use keys as a weapon in this self-defense video from Howcast.


Okay, so now we're going to speak about how to use an everyday object.

In this case we're going to talk about the keys. This is one of the most benevolent [sounds like] weapons, no doubt about, because you can use it to slash something, to stab or even you can use it to hit some targets. Okay? So in this case we're going to start by explaining, I think the most important thing is how to grab the key properly. Because there's a myth where people would use this by putting it between these fingers and the problem with that is as soon as you hit, you're probably going to cut yourself or you're going to move the keys and you're going to cut yourself later. So, the best way and the safest way would be between the thumb and the index, in this position. So once you have that position, you have everything, you can do whatever you want. Okay?

So let's explain a couple of things, for example the slashing. Okay? So imagine that she punches. Okay, I redirect the punch and I slash. Okay? It doesn't have to cut, it just has to be distracting. I can do that or I can go for the neck. Okay? Or I can even do it to the arms, I can redirect and I can go for the arm.

Very important, is to do the movement completely, not to make it short otherwise you're not going to reach properly the air. Okay? So one more time, very slow, one Okay, slow again, two and the arm, three. Okay? That's regarding how to slash with a key but we can also use it to use as a pressure point, we can use these and press those points. Okay? Exactly, we can use pressure points here, we can use pressure points here. Okay?

The other way we can use it is by stabbing a little. So imagine that she's going to punch me, I'm going to re direct and I'm going to stab a little bit. Okay? To the side again, boom, as quickly as that. Okay?

So now, I'm going to be the attacker, she's going to do the slashing part so, what she's going to do is she's basically going to re direct first and she's going to move to the side. Okay? And she's going to go for the closest thing she has, why? If she has this and my arm is in the middle, she's not going to be able to reach the area comfortably and that's very important. You have to reach the area comfortably. So, in this case, she can go for the neck. Okay, very careful or she can try to go for the arm, nice. So very slow, one, two, exactly. One to the neck. Okay, one, two slow, exactly, slow again, nice. So that's regarding slashing.

So what happens if she tries to stab, the same concept. She's going to move to the side, exactly. She can stab my neck or she can stab my side or my back. Okay? So you can go, stab, exactly, go again, nice. One more time. Okay. And she can also use it as a pressure point in my, that I'm grabbing her. Okay? She can use it in this part by, exactly. Do it again, exactly.

So, the most important part is that you use the point. Okay? This extreme. Okay. So let's move to the side, extreme, now put in the key this way but this way. Okay? And you just have to rub a little bit. It's going to hurt a lot. Okay? Just by doing that, if she's grabbing me, grab me, exactly, I just need to do that and I will be able to push her away. Okay? Very quick. Okay?

And those are just a few ways that you can use a key as a self defense weapon.

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