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How to Defend Yourself against a Slasher

Learn how to defend yourself against a slasher in this self-defense video from Howcast.


Okay. So now I'm going to explain how to defend yourself against slashing with a knife. Okay. This is very important to talk about the differences between slashing and stabbing. So, basically, there are two main moves that people normally do with a knife. Slashing, OK, can be to this side or to this side, it's literally that, it's a slashing. Okay. And stabbing is when I go for it and I actually use the point extreme. Okay. I go for it. So, now we're going to cover the slashing part.

So, the same way that you assume that when your are in a regular fight you're going to get punched or kicked, in a fight against a knife you're going to assume that most likely you are going to get cut. So, the first thing that you must learn is how to protect yourself efficiently. It's like if she slash me , she slashes me and I cover with these, first of all I shouldn't ever try to trap in the beginning.

This is so quick that if I try to trap this is what's going to happen, I'm probably going to get cut in my hand. So, what I have to do is protect my body, but how am I going to do it? This way, no, why? Because if she redirects by going down, she will cut me. Okay. Or if she does it this way she will still cut my belly and I don't want that to happen.

So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to use the opposite hand in the mirror, meaning if she is trying to cut me what I'm going to do is I'm going to offer it this way, Okay, this hand. And another very important thing, if I get cut in this way, the flexors, the muscles that are in charge of flexing your hands and your arms, are not going to be able to perform so, if I get cut here I wouldn't be able to trap any more. So, that's why I offer the opposite side. Okay.

This way if I get cut I would probably be able to still grab the person. Okay. So, very important, I offer this side so when she tries to slash me I protect myself and at the same time I make sure that I don't get cut in an important area. And when she moves in imaging she detects that I'm blocking her, if she moves down I will go with her. That's the first part Okay. I'm going to repeat again I'm going to redirect and if it happens that she's going to slash me in this direction meaning from this close position to the open, I would do the same thing, I would block with the opposite hand in the mirror, offering this side, very important. And when she changes she tries to cut me in my belly, I will redirect and I will open. Okay.

Another important key thing is to drop your weight. She's very strong imagine if she were like 300 pounds I wouldn't be able to do that so I need my whole body to be in that arm so this is what I'm going to do. Okay. The same thing if she comes from this way I would do the same thing I would drop my weight and I open.

Another application is like as soon as you open, you strike directly to her face. Either if you do it that way or this way so I'm going to show it to you by attacking her very slow in the beginning my position is going to redirect first, nice, and she's going to go straight, exactly. If I go to the other side, she does and, she open, nice, again, nice, very cool, the other one, nice. Okay. Lets go to the other side so you can see it from the other angle. Going to do the same thing. Nice and the other one, nice.

And that's how you basically defend yourself against slashing.

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