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How to Be Mentally Prepared for an Attack

Learn how to be mentally prepared for an attack in this self-defense video from Howcast.


So how to be mentally prepared against an attacker or against an attack?

In general I normally train with something called like, 'progressive training' which is like, basically I would take the person or the people that I'm training for different phases where I would go from something very simple like, it is like just yelling at someone, pushing up someone and ask this person to use the simple technique, Okay?

And then I will go for a deeper layer of confrontation when I will ask other people to surround that person, we will create an animal's fear of more fear and that allows that person to go for something very simple to something very complex. So, how do you do that?

Well, there are a couple of techniques but basically the most important is to focus on your breathing and in your movements. Most times what happens is that you get tired because you get scared, you start breathing very fast and you don't hear anything, you don't pay attention so, instead of panicking, the first thing that you need to do is to practice a proper breathing technique Okay. And after you do that, you can do this 'progressive training' and then after that you can be more realistic about that technique.

So that's a couple of things that I would say about how to be mentally prepared against and attack.

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