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How to Use Crimps, French Wire & Jump Rings to Finish Jewelry

Learn how to use crimps, French wire, and jump rings to finish jewelry with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


Hi, I'm Tam, and now we're going to talk about how to use the different crimps and attachments to put on the clasp and everything.

So here I'm going to show you, I'm using the bead along wire. So basically this is what we're going to do. I've already finished one end of this necklace, so that you can see what we're going to achieve. So this is called a crimp, and this is called a crimp cover, and this is a clasp. So we're going to recreate this right now.

So you have your bead along. You're going to put the crimp onto here. Then you're going to put the clasp on. Okay. Then thread it through the crimp again, so you get this, like this, and then you're going to place the two cords side by side, and this is very, very important, because you're now going to close it with crimping pliers, and the crimping pliers basically is going to push down on the crimp in the middle to secure the two wires, if that makes sense. So, basically, you're going to make sure that these two pieces are laying parallel.

You're going to take your crimping pliers so it has these grooves in it, and you're going to tightly close, securing the crimp in each side with the lock in the middle, and then you're going to use the top edge of this to close, and basically that's it.

Okay, so then we're going to put the crimp cover over this, and that just hides the crimp. So now I'm going to finish this necklace that I already started, because then I'll show you how to put on the jump ring to go over the clasp. So basically this is what I had done before, and I'm going to secure and make sure all the beads go inside tightly like this. And with the bead along, you don't really need a needle. There are some other materials you do need, and you will.

Usually a necklace is 16 inches, so I'm at 11. Here you could do your layout on the board beforehand, if you want to have a few different beads before you string them, to see how they're going to look. I'm just using all the same beads right now.

You want to make sure your string is long enough to go back doubled in here, on this end, and then doubled on the other end, because it has to go back inside of the bead. Just want to make sure to get the tail all inside of the bead, so we don't have any of the cord sticking out. Okay, so let's see. And when you measure for your necklace, a finished necklace size is 16 inches, including the clasp, so you have to calculate depending on the size of the clasp you're using, because sometimes you want to use a smaller lobster clasp, for example. So I am at 16 inches, and I'm going to add a jump ring, because I'm using this small jump ring, like so.

Once again, I'm going to put the crimp on. Then I'm going to put on the jump ring. Then I'm going to go through the crimp again, and this part's a little tricky, because you want to go inside. It's not like the other end, where you had space. Now you have to make sure all the beads are perfectly tight, before you do the crimp. Okay, so I'm just going to go through two of the beads and pull everything down. So here's where you need to be really, so I move the crimp down, and then I just gently pulled on the wire. So now, I don't want to have this gap, so I'm going to make sure it's all really, really tight, and you just do that by continually moving the crimp down and tightening the string. So now it's pretty tight. Let's see. There.

I can leave a little loop. I'm going to move this down, and I want to make sure that the two wires are parallel again before I use the crimping pliers. So make sure that the wires are parallel and use the inner part of your crimping pliers and close it. Here we go. We're going to trim here. We're going to add the crimp cover. You know, the crimp cover is optional. Some people use them, some people don't. It's just up to you. Sometimes I don't like to use them, because then it's a really big statement at the end, where sometimes I don't want people to notice the clasp as much as part of the design.

So there are sort of like a design element, so there you go.

And that's the necklace.

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