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How to Make a Pearl Necklace with French Wire

Learn how to make a pearl necklace with French wire with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


I'm going to show you how to use a silk string in the knotting and beading. So when we use a silk string, it's usually when we use a better material. So now I'm going to attach the clasp, and when I attach a clasp with the silk string, I use a product called a French wire, and basically French wire covers your cork, and you'll see what I mean by that when we actually physically do it.

So basically French wire are tiny coils of very, very fine wire. You don't want to handle it so much, because you'll create crimps in it, like you can see, you know, some of these pieces here. So basically I'm basically going to use the Griffen silk bead cord that comes with the needle, and I've decided that this is the correct size that goes into my bead hole, the correct size of silk. The size is indicated here, and you can sort of just visually tell. They're not that much money, so I usually buy two sizes that I think are the closest. It comes in silver or gold, and, you know, so this is the clasp I use. So normally I would use gold, but I don't have the right size for this thick cord, so I'm going to use this silver one that I sort of black in already.

First I put on the crimp. Then we're going to choose a piece of the French wire. It comes in different inner diameter opening width size, so I'm using a thicker thread. I'm going use, I don't have gold that will fix this, so I have to use a silver one. And basically I put it through the needle, and the length that you cut is sort of, depends on, you know, your design, if you like it, you know, prominent or not prominent. And just going to slide it on.

So then you have the crimp, you have the French wire, I'm going to put the clasp on. And I put the, I center the clasp on to where the French wire is, and I'm going to put this through the crimp, and just gently pull, and you see, so then the crimp covers your silk so you don't see that, you know, tan cord. So the French wire you can do silver, you can do gold, you know, that's also part of your design process, if you'd like it to match or not match, or contrast. And then I'm going to use the crimping pliers that's, and make sure the two sides are parallel, and see that you get that crease in the middle. Then I use the other end, and that's it.

And that's how we use French wire.

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