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How to String Beads on Leather

Learn how to string beads on leather with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


Hi, I'm Tam and I'm gonna show you how to string beads on leather and just add knots like these bracelets here.

So basically we just put on any bead you'd like. These are great because these are more like summery kind of bracelets so you can add lots of color, their easy to make, it's not like super intensive or anything.

So basically you use leather or wax cord and you just put the beads on. And you just make the knots as you'd like. For example in this sample we did like an uneven spacings of 3 beads knot 4 beads knot. This one, same thing which is kinda mixed up all the beads, so its kinda up to you as part of your design. This is like a double wrap bracelet so this one we wanted to feature more of the leather so we made more knots than beads.

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