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How to Make a Serpent Necklace with a Double Sliding Knot

Learn how to make a serpent necklace with a double sliding knot with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


Hi, I'm Tam and I'm going to show you how to make a simple necklace with a pendant. This is a pendant that I've made and I've already put it on the cord and I'm going to show you how to do the adjustable sliding knot, but a double one instead of just a single one that we have done with the other project.

So, this one, I want it to be a choker at the shortest measurement. The shortest measurement for a choker, for a woman, would be about 15 inches. This is the knot we're going to do, it's a double sliding knot. The other one was a single sliding knot.

Basically, I already did this side, so I'm going to match it and do it on this side. For a double, we're going to go around two times, so then you have two knots, two round loops. And then you're going to put the end into here, and you just pull. Then you have a double, it gives you a chunkier knot than the other one.

With these, they're good because you can wear the necklace at different lengths. You can wear it really, really long like this, it's about 20 inches, or you can just shorten it to any measurements that you want.

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