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How to Make a Braided Wax Cord Bracelet with Metal Nuts

Learn how to make a braided wax cord bracelet with metal nuts with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


Hi, I'm Tam. I'm going to show you how to make a wrap bracelet with jump rings, or washers, or any kind of washer-type hardware. So, these I actually got from the hardware store. These are actual jump rings from the jewelry supply. You can actually use anything as long as it has a hole in it that your string will go through. So basically, it's a braided bracelet and you wear it like this. It's another fun summer bracelet. So this is what it looks like. And on the sample I'm going to show you with two different colored cords so that you can see the braiding.

This is three pieces of one yard of any cord. So it can be waxed cotton cord, which is what I'm using, or it can be leather. You are going to just lay them like this. I'm going to do the olive green in the middle with the blue on the side. I'm going to make a knot about four inches down from the ends, and once again, to make a nice knot, I keep everything parallel as I make the knot. That gives you a nice, neat knot. I'm just going to pull each one and tighten it. So then it looks like that. For this you'll probably need a clipboard just to hold it while you're braiding the cord.

So basically, this is just like braiding hair, but for those who don't know how to braid hair, you have three strands and you're always going to bring one over, so the left side over to the middle, and that becomes the middle, and then the right side. So whichever that you bring to the middle becomes the middle cord. Then you just bring each side over. So you separate the three strands, and we're going to take the left strand over the center strand, so that the left strand is now your center strand. Then you're going to take your right strand over your new center strand. So basically it's just moving from one side to the middle, and then the other side to the middle. It's up to you if you want a tighter braid or a looser braid. That's totally up to you, and depends on your design. It's just a little hard to manipulate because you've got to hold everything down.

You can do something with a lot of washers or just a few washers. So these are from the hardware store so the more you put on, it's a little heavy. They're zinc. So for something like this, I probably wouldn't use that many, just because they would be really heavy.

Okay, so now I'm going to start adding my first washer. I'm going to add to the right side. I'm going to add the washer, and then I'm going to bring it over to the middle. Then I'm going to add a washer to the left side. So here's the tricky part. You want to make sure that they're all going in the same direction, the washers. Then I'm going to bring that to the middle. So you see how they're all like this? That's what you want. You want them to look stacked. Like you can see here, they're all stacked in a row. So then I brought that left side into the middle, and now I'm going to add another washer. You want to make sure, again, that it's going to be stacked up.

Okay, so we're just continuing braiding. I'm going to add just one more, and then I'm going to continue braiding without the washers. Now, because I'm getting to the bottom of the clipboard and I need more grip, I'm just going to move the whole unit up on the clipboard so that we get a better grip on the whole thing. And then we just continue braiding.

You can decide to leave a longer fringe and add little beads on them. That's one of your options. Then you would stop braiding earlier. I'm going to stop it right here for now. And then you want to kind of straighten it by pulling it a little bit, just to make the tension all even. Then you see how your washers are all nicely stacked. Okay, then just make a knot. Then you just tie it here.

I think this style sort of works well with these dangles, so that's why I didn't do the closure. You could use three different colored cords or the same colored cords, so it looks like this. This one I did graduated jump rings so they're large, medium, to small, or all the same size.

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