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How to Start Wire Wrapping & Add Beads

Learn how to start wire wrapping and adding beads with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


So now I'm going to show you how to start a chain and add the beads. So we made our basic component.

Basically, you want to have at least three wraps, that way it's secure. You can even do a longer coil as part of your design. But you want to have at least two and a half to three coils around the end. That way, that means it'll be secure. I'm going to snip all of the little tails at the end in one down the chain. So I'm just going to leave that for now, and then I'm going to hold the other end, with the bead on it, and I'm going to leave a little space for the coil.

So, again, I'm just going to push in both directions to make the perfect loop, switch hands, and start the coil. You want to hold very, very tightly in your left hand, and pull very tightly as you coil. That way you don't get a slack in it. You can take it off, and sort of, with the pointy flat nose, you're going to just straighten the loop. The thing with metal is, metal gets work hard when it's cold. That means the more you touch it, the brittler it becomes, so you don't want to touch it too much. You want to make every connection with your tools to be precise, because when metal hits metal, it work hardens it faster. So you can adjust it with your fingers, but if you need to use your tools, try to do it very precisely and quickly each time.

So now I'm going to make another link. And I'm going to connect these two. I'm going to take that, and before coiling, I'm going to slide the other link on, so it looks like this. Then I'm going to switch hands. With your fine nose, you can get really tight in there, and just try to close it as flat as possible.

So now I'm going to add another bead. So basically, this is what you're creating. So here, at this link, I didn't add a bead, just as a design element, so this is just a plain link without a bead. And then link, link, link, and I connected it to a jump ring. So I can show you how to do that. So I'm going to finish this.

So basically, this is called wire wrapping, or cold connections, because you're connecting things without heat or solder. So this is just purely a design thing, you can add jump rings, you can basically add anything to this. We've added these two beads, and I'm going to show you how to add the jump ring, which is basically kind of the same thing.

So I'm going to add another bead onto here. And then I'm going to add the jump ring. So now, I made the coil, and I'm going to add the jump ring by just sliding it onto the, so it looks like that. Let me hold it up. And then I'm going to just coil it, as before. Hold this loop with my left hand tight. There you go.

And it's going to look like that.

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