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How to Make a Head Pin & Add Beads Vertically

Learn how to make a head pin and add beads vertically with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


Now I'm going to show you how to build a vertical component to your horizontally wrapped chain. Because these are beads, if we're gonna build it vertically it needs to go this way from the chain.

So you can buy things called a head pin, or you can make them with your wire by doing this. So, I'm gonna take a piece of wire like I have already pre-cut before, but instead of making the loop I'm just going to make a little hook, like so.

Then I'm going to close the hook, like that. So it's gonna be, which is gonna act as a stopper, for your bead so that it can hang vertically without sliding off of the wire. So basically now, I'm going to put the wire on so the bead wont slide off, cause you have this new little stopper.

So these are called head pins and you can buy these with like, lots of different pre-made different designs on them, there are some with like, flowers or gem stones, or whatever. I just like to sort of make my own because you know, I don't really need anymore fancy motif in this one, because the whole design thing here is just about the colors. So now that we've done that to continue as we were before with the wire wrapping. SO on the vertical dangles I like to have a longer coil as just a design element.

Basically I'm gonna coil this much of the space, as opposed to just like three coils on our previous pieces. And then make the loop again.

And now I'm going to attach this to the chain. So I'm going to go through on of these loops. Lets see, I'm gonna put it about here, I think. If you're gonna do a long coil make sure you allow enough space, in the other end of the wire to have enough wire to coil all the way around, so basically, then I just coil, as I would before. Here's where I would normally stop before, at three. I'm just gonna smooth these coils down a little bit, but I want a longer dangle so I'm going to continue coiling till about there.

So now you have a chain that also, has a vertical component to it.

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