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How to Make an S-Hook Jewelry Finding

Learn how to make an S-hook jewelry finding with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


So now I'm going to show you how to make bindings from wire. These are commercial binders that you can buy in a store or since you already have the wire, I'm just going to show you how to make the components instead of buying it. Sometimes it's a little nicer because you can hammer it, you can add a little texture to it.

So basically this is the S hook that's a commercial product that you can buy and ear wires are also another commercial product that you can buy. Basically, for the hook we are going to use a 20 gauge wire, which is heavier, and I'm going to cut about three inches. I'm going to take my round-nose, so basically you need a loop for the necklace to be connected to and then you need an opening to connect to the jump ring or whatever you're going to use to hook this into.

To make that I'm going to just bend the wire around my round-nose. You can see how this is tapered, so you just have to choose which diameter you'd like. I'm going to make something a little larger, so I'm going to go all the way to the end of the round-nose pliers and I'm going to go all the way around the wire like that to ensure a round loop like that. It's pretty easy.

Then you can use anything, like a pen or a pencil, anything round to make the shape. You want something a little bigger, so I'm going to use the Sharpie and bend around the Sharpie like that. Then for that gentle curve here, I'm going to use my round-nose pliers again, just gently do that. So then I'm going to add a little texture to this by just flattening it so that it adds a little bit more of a design feature to it. This is totally a design feature.

Basically, that's your hook and you can make this curve a little bit more by just pushing in with your fingernail. This curve is dependent on you as part of your design, so it can be very big, it can be very small. It's totally up to you but basically that's what you're doing.

To make the ear wire, we are going to take about two inches of wire. So this is what I'm going to make. It's similar to the S hook but the loop here is smaller, so I'm going to use the top, the end part of my round-nose because I want a smaller loop. So it looks like that.

Then to put a curve around the ear, I'm using a pencil just to shape it, or anything round that you may have. So I'm going to put it against the pencil like so and then I'm going to push all the way around. Now you have an ear wire. I'm going to put my fingernail here and kind of push it and get that shape.

This is your ear wire.

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