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How to Make Single Pearl Earrings Using Head Pins

Learn how to make single pearl earrings using head pins with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


Hi. I'm Tam, and I'm going to show you how to make a single gemstone earring. And here, we're using pearls.

Basically, this is a very popular, simple earring, that a lot of people feel that it's lacking in the market place, just because it's too simple to be sold in stores. But it's something that most people want to wear, basically. I know this because my costume designer friend is always saying I need to find a single gemstone earring that reflects back to whatever outfit she's creating that day. I make a lot of these for her because you can buy gemstones in any color, so it makes it very easy, and it's a simple one color earring that goes with any outfit.

Basically, I'm going to make a pin head, which is a component, a finding, which you can also buy. I'm going to make a loop like this, and then I'm going to close it.

Basically, this is what we're going to make. We've made all the components. I have the pin head, and I've attached the pearl onto it, and then I have the ear wire that I made already. When you make earrings, you have to make sure you have a matching pair. You want to make sure you refer back to the one you already made, to get the exact same look.

I'm going to make the loop, switch hands, and then I'm going to wrap the cord. And I want to match it to this one. This has about two and a half laps, so let's see. It comes to just about here, and I'm just going to snip this. And straighten the wire, so basically you have something like this. Just tighten this up a little bit here. And then I'm going to attach it onto my ear wire. When you have a loop already like this, you don't want to pull it out like this to open. You always want to have a back and forth movement. That's either to open a jump ring, or to open anything. You want to move in this direction instead of pulling it apart, because metal has memory in this direction only. If you pull it this way, you'll never be able to close it neat like this.

Then you're going to put this on, and then you're going to close it, and then just straighten it with your flat nose pliers.

Basically, you have something like that.

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