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How to Make Beaded Drop Earrings

Learn how to make beaded drop earrings with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


Hi I'm Tam and I'm going to show you how to make a pair of Rutilated quartz drop earrings.

So, Rutilated quartz is basically a type of stone. And, it's a quartz and the Rutilated means these are the rutiles inside of the stone, so you can see the markings inside, that's called the rutiles, so that's why it's called a Rutilated quartz . And this is a drop that's already pre-cut that you can buy as it is. And, so these have the bee holes going horizontally. So here I have my ear wire and a piece of 24 gauge wire and I cut this at about 4 inches, because I'm going to do, I'm going to wrap them like this. There's like several different ways but this is the most simple and the cleanest way to wrap them.

So basically I'm going to put the bead unto the middle of the wire and I'm going to make a little crimp with my flat nose... pliers, like so, so then basically you have a sharp crease is what a crimp is, and then I'm going to do the same thing on the other side. So you have something that looks like this, and then I'm going to with my fingers just shape it because I don't, I don't want to stress the medal.

So basically I'm just going to sort of bring the wires together and sort of twist them like that. So it has just a nice gentle, for earrings you want to match it as much as possible and you see on this one I want to be closer so I'm going to just reshape this with my fingers so that it's a little closer to the stone so that it matches the other one I had already made. So now I'm going to grab it like this and then I'm going to wrap these two ends together. So, I'm going to basic wrapping technique but with the two ends together. So I'm just going to put this loop a little bit bigger. So I'm just going to move it down. My pliers just make the loop a little bit bigger. And then I'm going to switch hands and hold the loop with my left hand and pull on both ends of the coil at the same time.

You can go really like slowly but make sure your pulling tight to bring the two wires together. Let me just make sure that it looks the same as this one. That looks pretty good. I'm just going to straighten out the loop at the top, and if you gently go all the way around your going to even out the loop. See let me hold it this way so you can see better. So the loop is nice and neat now and then I'm going to take the snipers and cut very, very close with a straight edge. Your going to hold the ends so they don't pop, hit you in the face.

So every time you use snipers and your cutting wire you should wear safety glasses or some kind of glasses, because you never know when you snip and it could just, the piece of wire can go flying and hit you in the eye. Okay. Now I'm going to put onto the ear wire and once again we open the loop in this motion not in and out. So then I'm just going to put this on, close the loop, and just look at it to make sure it's hanging correctly and I'm just going to flatten this a little bit. So by doing this I'm flattening, flattening the whole ear wire and then I can just sort of do this and you can use like a wooden, just to make the whole thing flat.

So that you have a finished Rutilated quartz drop earring.

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