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How to Make Jade Drop Earrings

Learn how to make jade drop earrings with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


We're going to make a pair of jade drop earrings and these are great just because they add a little color to your outfits. You can wear this with an all black or you can wear this with a sort of green top. It will just pick up the green in your top and a lot of people ask the question, "How do you choose colors?" My advice is to go into your closet, open it and the first color that pops out, that's your favorite color because intuitively, that's what you buy all the time.

You need a piece of wire and this piece of wire is about 2 inches. I determined that because the bead goes onto the center of the wire and I just want to make sure I have enough room to wrap it. I'm going to make the crimp to hold one side then I'm going to make the crimp on the other side and I'm going to make sure I do some spacing as before on the side. With both ends, I'm going to make the loop and bring them together. And then I'm going to wrap. One end is a little shorter, but I think I have enough to secure the wrap.

Now you see how it's all a little messed up, your loop. You're just going to take around those pliers and gently reshape the loop by just going all the way around the loop to reshape your loop. Then I'm just going to trim this tail. Make sure you have your safety goggles on when you do that. The other tail here, I don't think I need to trim that. I'm just going to close it a little bit more with my pliers. I'm just going to reshape the loop. It's basically ready to put it on to your ear wire then you're going to open the ear wire loop.

I have a little piece of wire that's sticking out so I'm just going to fix that quickly. I'm going to close the ear wire and then I'm just going to flatten all of this by using a wooden against the metal will make it flat without stressing the wire.

That's it. Now, you have a finished earring.

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