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How to Make Pearl & Emerald Cluster Earrings

Learn how to make pearl and emerald cluster earrings with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


Hi I'm Tam and I'm going to show you how to make a pair of fresh water pearl earrings with emerald bead clusters.

Basically this is what were going to make. So basically we have our pearl, our 3b for the cluster that your wire and the wire for the clusters and the wire for the pearl. The pearl is going to have 2 loops at the end were going to hook the jump ring onto that. So we are going to, I'm going to do the, the, put the jump ring on first just because it makes the most sense to me.

Because sometimes it makes sense to start from the middle of the piece and then build out in both directions, because that, that's sort of the central part of your piece. So that's, I just wire wrapped and put the jump ring on. Now I'm going to put the pearl on. And then I'm just going to wrap the top. And how many [inaudible 0:01:26] did I do there? So I'm just going to refer back to the original that I had already made. And here I can just loop it all the way. I'm going to cut. And then I'm going to, so then I have this component ready to add the clusters. Okay. So then, I'm going to add the emerald cluster beads and for these I have to make the crimp at the bottom which is basically, I'll make a new one here.

So basically you have some wire and your just going to make a hook and close then close the hook. And that's your crimps. Okay. So now I'm going to add the beads to the crimped wire, and then I'm going to make the loop and then just add these to the jump ring. Then I'm just going to wrap the bead onto the jump ring. So clusters are another fun element. And for here were using larger beads but you can also use very, very tiny beads, and, then you would just add more. To make it a fuller cluster. So here's one that's finished. Okay? Then I'm going to add, by adding the cluster your just sort of creating a fuller, dimensional earring. Opposed to just straight up and down so now you have like weight, added weight at the bottom.

This sort of changes the perspective of the whole piece. Slip it on to the ring and, just wrap, continue wrapping. Then I'm going to add the last one on. Slip it on to the ring and snip off the tail. Close the ends. Straighten the hoop a little bit. Now you have your, your component with beads with clusters. Okay, and then the last step is adding on to ear wires. I'm going to open the ear wire just a little bit more. There we go. Flatten it. Now just run the flat piece through.

And you have a finished earring.

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