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How to Make Chandelier Earrings with Briolettes

Learn how to make chandelier earrings with briolettes with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry.


Hi. I'm Tam, and I'm going to show you how to make these dangly earrings with briolettes. Briolettes are the teardrop cuts of stones. So these are what we're going to make. So these you can buy at any bead store, these rings in oval shape, and these are the briolette beads. And for this, you'll need one long piece of wire. This is about two and a half inches, and an ear wire. I'm going to put the briolettes on first. This you have the option of matching the exact color, or some people like to just do contrast color, just have that subtle, play around with order of the colors of the earrings. It's very subtle. You're still using the same beads, but just changing the order of them a little bit.

So basically, you want to put them on like this. I put them on just to sort of eyeball for the size, and I'm going to make my loop about here. So I'm going to make the loop here. So this will be to connect your oval piece. So then I just slip the oval element onto the little loop that I've made, and then I'm just going to wrap. I want to do matching to that. And these are really simple to make, but they have a lot of visual impact. So get a lot of look for not a lot of effort.

So you can do the same, or just kind of change the order. So I'm just going to do that, because I sort of like that. And then you want to make sure they're lying sort of like this. And then you want to make your loop there very very close to there, so you get that effect. OK, so now, you're going to slide on the round element into the loop. Oops. Oops. So they pop right in there. And then I'm just going to grab this, and I'm going to get the round nose. It's a little slippery because the circle keeps spinning, so you have to just hold it and try to get your tweezers and your pliers in there. And start the wrapping. It's a little hard for me to see where the wire is, so I'm just going to use my fingers to find it.

Trim the wire like so. I can get it a little tighter. And then you just have to neaten up the loop. Straighten out your wire here, and kind of hold it up. This bottom one needs to be a little bit more straight. And there's your component.

So then the final step is just to attach it to the ear wire, and this is kind of easy. You just have to put it directly onto the loop of the ear wire. And there you go. Trim up the ear wire a little bit.

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