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How to Add Texture to a Metal Ring using Hammer Techniques

Learn how to add texture to a metal ring using hammer techniques with this Howcast video about how to make jewelry using basic metalsmithing.


Now that we've sorted the piece and it's cooled off, we're just going to clean up the seam. So now see, by adding heat to it, because it's sterling silver, it's turning black, it's oxidation, so using sand paper, you can pretty much shine it all back up again. The solder went really nicely over the seam so if you want to put some on that, Okay?

Then, I'm going to put it on my Wing Mandrel and basically I'm just going to brace it and I'm just going to. And I want to hammer over that seam just so that it runs again, so then we really don't see a seam anymore. So then, there's a lot of different kinds of hammers that you can buy. I just have the ball-peen here, but you can buy one with a sharp edge and then it gives you a more serrated look, like a corrugated look on your band. So, I'll just add a little bit more.

So, you're just going to hammer and keep turning it as you hammer. There's no like, pattern or anything involved. Just random and then hammering, Okay. So that's a little bit wonky, so you want to flatten that by just putting on here and the metal would, using a wooden, you can just kind of flatten it or you can also flatten it by putting another metal block over it. So then, we're just going to shine it up again and that's it.

And you have a textured band.

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