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How to Make Jewelry with Tam Tran

Learn about Tam Tran, one of Howcast's jewelry-making experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Tam Tran and I am a designer living in New York City. I also have a jewelry store and a workshop called Lost Wax Studio on Elizabeth Street between Spring and Kenmare. My thing is sort of more about ancient jewelry, and trying to find the perfect connecting point, between my past work with fabrics and color and drape and applying to metals technique.

So that's sort of my own exploration. I have a store that we recently opened and that's sort of a culmination of all my interests, of finding raw materials, because I feel like there are so many cool things that you find that you could make into jewelry. So the whole idea is just, you can come there, find something cool and just put it on a piece of leather cord, and wear it out.

Another really great segment of our business is actually the workshops, and I think that came out from wanting to share my experience with people, because everyone always asks, "Where do you get your inspiration from?" And I think my perspective is different from most jewelry makers, because I come to it from a design standpoint. My approach is more unique, because it's based on my experience in the design world.

So if you're interested in finding out more about what we do at our workshops at the store or to check out more of our jewelry, come to our store called Lost Wax Studio, at 171 Elizabeth Street between Spring and Kenmare, and it's a great little neighborhood for just fun shopping. You can find us online at

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