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How to Dance Cha-Cha Outside Partner Breaks

Learn how to dance cha-cha outside partner breaks in this Howcast dance video.


Christina: Hi guys, I'm Christina.

Aaron: And I'm Aaron coming at you today from Dance Time Square here in New York City.

Christina: Today, we're going to talk about a move called the 'Outside Partner Breaks.' So we're going to jump right in, getting in our dance position. This is going to come from a side basic. So gentlemen will start side left, ladies side right. One two three four and one and then both partners will rotate slightly. To step outside partner, the lady will step behind with her right foot; the gentleman will step in front with his left. Two, three side together, side two three side together side two three side together, side. And one, two, three, four and one, two, three, four and one, two, three, four and one, two, three, four and one.

Aaron: Okay guys, so let's take look at that one from another angle. And one two three side together side, gentleman steps outside the lady with his left foot, two three Cha-Cha one two three Cha-Cha one two three Cha -Cha one. And that's how you do the Outside Partner Breaks. Alright guys, now let's try that one with some music.

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