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How to Do Arm Styling (Ladies)

Learn how to do arm styling (for the ladies) in this Howcast dance video about how to do the cha-cha.


Hi, guys. This is Christina from Dance Times Square in New York City. Right now, I'm going to talk a little bit about ladies' arm-styling. Ladies, if you want to get up and you can kind of practice along with me. We're going to stand. Make sure you have your good dance posture, so you're very tall, very upright. Your spine is aligned, shoulders back.

Now we're going to take our right arm, and I want you to just take your elbow out, and then bring it down. So leading with the elbow out from the core of the body, out and down. We'll try that with the left side. Out and down. Out and down.

Now let's take that to a full extension of the arm, beginning with the elbow and extending out, and then bringing back in with the hand and the elbow, so again, out and in. Other side, out and in. So always leading with the elbow, but keeping the shoulders down, so you don't want to get the shoulder involved.

You want to keep it low from the elbow, keeping the shoulder down and back down. That's just kind of an exercise to get you moving and keeping everything from the elbows out from the core. You want to keep your shoulders down and back.

Another move that we can talk about ladies' arm styling is the crossover break. As a lady when we are going side, together, side, you have some options with this arm. You can bring it up or you could bring it parallel with your shoulder. You could bring it to your hip. You could put it around your head.

Anything that kind of brings your arms close to your body, around your head and down. You can kind of skim down past your waist, down to your hips. Any movement that kind of makes you feel feminine, as long as it's coming from the core, that's a great option for you to do in any of your cha-cha moves.

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