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Different Hand Holds in Cha-Cha

Learn how to do different cha-cha hand holds in this Howcast dance video.


Christina: Hi, guys. This is Christina.

Aaron: And Aaron, with Dance Time Square here in New York City.

Christina: Right now we're going to talk a little bit about the different hand holds that we can use when dancing the cha cha. The first and most obvious one would be our traditional dance frame. We'll show you what that looks like.

From here we can do the basic cha cha movement, and then we can move into a different hand hold for a different move. For example, if we moved to a double hand hold, we're holding each others hands, so it's exactly what it sounds like. This is a good lead in for the crossover break. When we are in a crossover break position, we are in a single hand hold. It's man's left to lady's right, so that's another hand position that we have.

We also sometimes can use what's called a handshake hold, so it's right hand to right hand. This is a variation you can use for a number of moves in cha cha, but just be aware that it is a hand hold that we have. Do you have anything to add?

Aaron: No hand hold.

Christina: Yeah, that's true. No hand hold. We can also do things in tandem, or side by side, in which case we would not have any hand hold.

Aaron: And giving us obviously the opportunity for the men to also dance to the lady, and also to help frame and shape her, as well.

Christina: So those are the different hand holds that we have in the cha cha.

Aaron: Now we're going to dance a little bit about the music, and highlight each one of these hand holds so that you can actually see them in action.

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