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How to Ask Someone to Dance the Cha-Cha

Learn how to ask someone to dance the cha-cha in this Howcast video.


Christina: Hi guys, I'm Christina.

Aaron: And I'm Aaron, coming at you today from Dance Times Square, here in New York City.

Christina: So today, we're going to be talking about how to ask someone to dance the Cha-Cha. So if you're out at a nightclub or at an event, and there's Cha-Cha music playing there's kind of some rules you might want to follow, to ask someone in a polite way, how to dance.

So gentlemen, if you see a lady that you might want to dance with, it would appropriate to go up to her, ask her to dance, offer her your hand,take her out onto the dance floor. And what are some things you might look for, for the guy, when you're out on the dance floor?

Aaron: Definitely want to find a nice spot on the dance floor, where we're not going to run into anybody or get into any confusing traffic patterns. It's all about making the lady look good, and making the lady look good, is going to make you look good guys. The lady might also ask the man to dance.

Christina: And that's completely fine. Women can ask guys to dance, that's not a problem at all. Gentlemen, just try not to start with your fanciest moves, until you kind of get to know the lady and how much she kind of knows. You don't want to overwhelm her. And ladies, you know, guy's leading, so whatever he does you've got to fall in line and do what he does. And then at the end of the dance, the polite thing to do...

Aaron: Always, thank you.

Christina: Thank your partner, either because it's over or because you had such a great time. And gentlemen, you could walk the lady back off the dance floor.

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