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How to Get around Boston

Learn the best way to get around Boston in this Howcast travel video.


The good news is that Boston is a clean, walkable city with the nation's oldest and most complete public transportation system.
The bad news is that unlike many other cities, Boston streets were not laid out in a grid so it can be easy to get lost. You won't need a car if you're planning to stay in Boston Proper and the surrounding neighborhoods of Boston, known as Greater Boston. The MBTA or the “T” as the locals call it, will most likely get you anywhere you need to go. The MBTA operates the subway, buses and the old streetcars, which date back to 1856. The subway is the most popular form of public transportation and is made up of 4 lines -- the Red Line, the Green Line, the Yellow Line and the Blue Line. The cost of one ride is just a couple bucks and includes free transfers to city buses. If you're going anywhere the T doesn't run or you'd prefer alternative transportation you can easily find taxis or even rent a bike. The Hubway System allows users to grab a bike from one station, take a quick ride, and return the bike to their destination station. Three-day and 24-hour passes can be purchased all over the city, making bikes an easy, fun, green way to navigate Boston.

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