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How to Pour a Latte Art Solid Heart

Learn how to make a solid heart design on your coffee in this Howcast video about latte art.


So the next line we're going to do is the solid heart. This is just like a monk's head. We're going to introduce one more design element though, and that is the draw through. It's an element that is ubiquitous to most designs. It's where at the end, where you pour a monk's head, and then just lift straight up on the pitcher, back off on your flow of the milk, and pour through the design to put a tail at the end of it. You'll see what I mean here in a minute. Okay, so here is the pour. Again, I'm just going to pour to raise the liquid in the cup, break the stream, pour right in the center. And this time at the end, I'm going to pick up and pour through the design. That forms our nice solid heart there.

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