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How to Pour a Heart into a Rosetta for Latte Art

Learn how to pour a heart into a rosetta on your coffee in this Howcast video about latte art.


In this next one, we're going to learn how to pour a heart inside of a rosetta. We're going to start by pouring the rosetta and then instead of drawing all the way through at the end, we're going to drop down in the middle and pour a heart before drawing the rest of the way through. What this is going to do is place a heart right in the middle of the rosetta, suck the top down to the heart a little bit. It has a pretty cool effect. I think you're going to like it.

All right, so here's the pour. We're going to raise liquid in the cup, start with a rosetta, pull back and here's the draw through. I drop down there and pour a heart. We have that heart nestled right there in the center of the rosetta.

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