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How to Pour a Latte Art Rippled Tulip

Learn how to pour a rippled tulip design on your coffee in this Howcast video about latte art.


All right, so this next one is a tulip and tulip tends to be described, as more of a category now. It's a way to stacking dots or monk's heads, on top of one another to create a really cool wraparound effect. You don't see the basic tulip much anymore, but you'll kind of see where this design got its name. We're just going to stack two monk's heads on top of one another, or do a monk's head on the bottom and top it off with a heart, before we draw through. It gives this really nice leaf wraparound effect and you'll see where it gets its name. All right, so here's the pour. Again, filling the cup we're going to begin with a simple rippled base and end with a heart on top. There's the pour through and that is the basic two-layer tulip.

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