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How to Pour a Latte Art Rosetta

Learn how to make a rosetta design on your coffee in this Howcast video about latte art.


So our next design is the rosetta. It incorporates all of the principles of the previous designs, except we add motion for the first time. We're no longer just staying in the middle. We're going to pull back slightly at the back, at the very end of the design, to draw a leaf pattern on the top, instead of a nice round monk's head or heart shape.

So this one includes, staying in the middle for a while like the Monk's head, rippling back and forth like the rippled heart, moving to the back of the cup and then doing a draw through, like we did with the heart. So just like before, raise the liquid in the cup and break. We're going to stay in the middle and form that rippled heart, but at the end pull back. Come up and draw slowly through the center. There's the Rosetta.

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