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How to Add a Latte Art Border

Learn how to add a border to latte art in this Howcast video about free pour tricks.


All right, let's get into some tricks for pouring free-pour designs. These can be applied to any design you want, and the first one we're going to talk about is adding a border to the bottom. Sometimes you'll see when you're adding a leaf to a design, the bottom gets a little lost, while the top becomes more defined and here's a way to add definition to the bottom of your design.

So adding a border involves just pushing out a little layer, before you begin the design and then pulling back to complete it. We'll start a rosetta. So again, beginning by filling the cup halfway, we're going to push forward and then come back, and then follow through. See how that layer on the bottom really gave us a nice solid layer here, where you may have found that some of those leaves got a little thin, and now we have some nice definition, and that's how you add a border to the bottom of a rosetta.

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