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How to Do a Latte Art Backsplash

Learn how to do a backsplash in latte art in this Howcast video about free pour tricks.


So here is another free-pour tip. This one, instead of adding a border at the bottom of the design, adds some texture to the background, near the top of the design. It just involves pouring slightly on to the cup at the back, at the edge at the pool of liquid, right before you begin your design. You'll see what I mean here in a minute.

All right, so we're going to apply this trick to a three-layered tulip to see what it looks like. So we're going to fill the cup, and just tap the back of the cup like that, then pour the first layer, second, and the third. See how it adds that nice halo effect in the background? That's the reason we do this, and that's how you add the back splash.

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