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How to Do Latte Art Etching with Syrups

Learn how to do latte art etching with syrups in this Howcast video.


A great place to start when you're learning how to etch is to draw a few lines on the top of your drink. If it's a mocha, that calls for a syrup on top. And then just push those lines and pull them around in swirls, or lines around the top of the cup. You can create some really great patterns this way, and it doesn't require a lot of skill. So let me show you what I mean.

We'll can start with a few basic patterns that you can draw on the top and then just play with them. We're going to start with a basic line pattern and for the pour it doesn't really matter too much what you have, so we're just going to create a nice marbled base. I'm going to pour in the center and let the foam spill out. So now that we have a nice canvas to work with, we can take the syrup, draw some lines on top, and plunge the awl deep and pull up slightly, as you just draw some swirls. There, you have a nice impressive garnish in just a few seconds.

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