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How to Etch Spirals in Latte Art

Learn how to etch spirals on your coffee in this Howcast video about latte art.


So we've etched some lines and we've etched some swirls, and now we're going to draw a spiral from the inside of the cup out to the edge, and then take our tool and draw lines from the inside to the perimeter to give it a nice textured or pointy-shape. There's something you might notice, to prevent the syrup from sinking down into the foam, you can either steam a little thicker or let the foam set for just a little while, before you add the syrup, that way it stays on top. So for this one, we're going to etch a spiral from the outside to the edge, and then take the tool and draw out. I'm going to draw out for most of these and then in for some. It's a lovely treatment of a spiral.

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