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How to Etch a Latte Art Butterfly

Learn how to etch a butterfly on your coffee in this Howcast video about latte art.


So this next one is a butterfly and it doesn't involve any syrup. We're just going to pour a monk's head in the center of the cup and using the same pushing and pulling techniques we've learned previously, we are going to pull the design out on to a shape we can recognize.

Alright, so this design also begins with a monk's head. So I'm going to pour right in the center of the cup, got a nice solid dot going. And here we'll take the tool, dab in the middle to gather up some light and bring it down and the other side as well. And now we're going to draw the tips of the wings and the bottoms. Bring it in on each side and draw the body.

And there's your butterfly.

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