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How to Etch a Latte Art Bear

Learn how to etch a bear on your coffee in this Howcast video about latte art.


All right, so this next one is how to etch a bear, like a little teddy bear face in a drink. What's cuter than that? We're just going to draw two dots, like a monk's head, then a really small one underneath, just so we can put in the face. Then we'll scoop some ears onto him and dress those up a little bit. All right, so here's the pour. We're going to begin with the monk's head and then pour a smaller one beneath it. So here's the first one, and a little bitty one there. With a spoon, I'm going to get some ears on him, and then with a tool, we'll etch the face. There are the eyes. Do a nose. Then draw that down into a smile. Let's add some dots in the ears as well, and there's a happy little bear.

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