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What Is Obesity?

Learn what obesity is in this Howcast video.


I think it's important to realize that Obesity is a disease. It's a lifelong progressive disease of excess fat storage. And obesity is defined as being about 30 percent over your ideal body weight or about 100 pounds overweight.

In order to figure out what your ideal body weight is, you can look it up online or you can try to figure it out by calculating it. For women, you start at 100 pounds and for every inch over five feet tall, you add five pounds. For men, it starts at a 110 ponds and for every inch over five feet tall, you add six pounds. Now these numbers are going to give you the low end of what your ideal body weight should be.

Another way to figure out if you're obese is to calculate your B-M-I. B-M-I refers to Body Mass Index and it's a number that's calculated by dividing your weight by your height. This isn't a number you're going to be able to figure out in your head so again, you can look it up and plug in your height and your weight and it will give you a number.

If you B-M-I is 30 or greater, you're considered to be obese. If the number is 40 or greater, that's morbid obesity. Obesity has recently surpassed smoking as being the number one cause of preventable death. It is an epidemic in the United States and something that we really need to do something about.

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