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Pre-Op Tests Needed for Bariatric Surgery

Learn what pre-op tests you need before having bariatric surgery in this Howcast video about weight loss surgery to treat obesity.


Before undergoing bariatric surgery, there will be certain tests that your surgeon will want to run to make sure that you're healthy enough to undergo a major operation.

Some tests, the blood work, they'll check your blood count, your basic chemistries, your thyroid functions. Also, your vitamin levels will be checked prior to surgery and if you're deficient in any vitamins, we will treat you for that and put you on supplements before you actually have the surgery. Other tests which are required usually before weight loss surgery would be a chest x-ray, an EKG. And then depending upon your own risk factors, other tests such as a stress test or an ultrasound of your legs, or an ultrasound of your gallbladder might be required.

In addition to these basic tests that you'll be required to undergo prior to weight loss surgery, it's also important that you have a nutrition evaluation with a registered dietitian. This is important because it's necessary to change some of your eating habits, potentially, before surgery. So that way we know you'll be successful and that you will be eating in a safe way after surgery.

The other thing that is important to address prior to surgery is a psychological evaluation. So, your surgeon and your insurance company will most likely require that you meet with a psychologist to discuss the implications of surgery, just to make sure that you truly understand that this is a lifestyle change that you're about to embark on.

Be sure to speak with your surgeon to see which tests are necessary for you.

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