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Is Gastric Bypass Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Learn if gastric bypass surgery is covered by insurance in this Howcast video about weight loss surgery to treat obesity.


Many people wonder if gastric bypass surgery or weight loss surgery, in general, is covered by their insurance. The answer is most insurances do cover gastric bypass. However, there are some requirements. Number one, you do have to meet a certain weight requirement, so your BMI, or body mass index, must be at least 40 or greater in order to qualify for weight loss surgery or it can be 35 or greater, if you have an obesity-related illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease just to name a few.

Insurance companies also do require that you have a psychological evaluation prior to surgery. Some insurance companies require that you meet with your surgeon anywhere between one and six consecutive months, and provide the necessary documentation that you're trying to modify your life prior to surgery. That being said, most insurances do cover gastric bypass surgery if you meet the weight requirement.

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