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Health Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Learn about the health benefits of weight loss surgery in this Howcast video about bariatric surgery to treat obesity.


Let's talk about the health benefits of weight loss surgery. This is actually one of my favorite topics and why I love what I do. With one surgery, we can potentially cure several illnesses. We can even potentially have you stop taking many of your medications.

For example, after weight loss surgery and after losing close to 100 lbs., many patients no longer need their medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even diabetes. Sleep apnea is improved, if not resolved, in close to 80% of patients after weight loss surgery. Your risk of developing or dying from cancer decreases substantially after losing weight, after weight loss surgery.

Infertility improves after weight loss surgery. Many women who are unable to get pregnant because of illnesses related to their obesity are able to have children, after losing a substantial amount of weight after weight loss surgery.

Remember, no accomplishment is insignificant. I have patients that come to me that are thrilled, because now they're able to cross their legs, after losing the weight, or they are able to sit on one airplane seat, and not have to ask for a seat-belt extension. I even have a patient who was able to now go on a roller-coaster with his children whereas before he was unable to do so.

Weight loss surgery is one option to help lose the weight. With one surgery you can potentially improve your quality of life and increase your life expectancy.

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