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How to Overcome Obesity with Lifestyle Changes

Learn how to overcome obesity with lifestyle change in this Howcast video.


I'd like to talk to you for a moment about lifestyle changes that are necessary to help overcome obesity. A common misconception is that diet is what is necessary to lose weight. And while that is true, when you say that you're on a diet, it automatically implies that there's going to be a period of time where you're then off a diet. So, part of the problem is not just losing the weight, but actually keeping that weight off.

So, here are some tips to actually help change your lifestyle so that when you do lose the weight you can actually keep it off. The key is to start small. Don't overwhelm yourself and try to make every change at once because you'll never stick to it. Evaluate your diet and see, are you drinking liquid calories? This is something many of us do and probably aren't even aware. So, for example, soda is something that has a lot of calories in it. It's mostly sugar. Juice, many people feel that orange juice is healthy. While that might be true in terms of his nutrients, it contains a lot of sugar. So evaluate your diet and see, are you drinking a lot of liquid calories? And if so, you should replace that with water or Crystal Light, or even Diet Snapple.

The second thing you need to look at is, are you snacking throughout the day? You really should be eating three meals a day, maybe with one or two small snacks that are mostly protein, such as nuts or maybe even a piece of cheese.

The third thing is, slow down. When you eat, take a bite, put your fork down, and chew. Really enjoy what you're eating because many times you're overeating because your brain hasn't had time to catch up with your stomach to know that you are full.

Other things that you can do is help to increase your metabolism by trying to stay active. So, if you do work at a desk at your job, get up, walk around the office, take the stairs. When you go to work, try to park further away so that you have longer to walk. Another thing that works is purchase a pedometer. It's known that people that wear a pedometer, actually walk almost 2,000 steps more a day and that equals about 150 more calories per day.

So, here are just some helpful tips to help change your lifestyle to help overcome obesity.

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