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When Does Obesity Become Dangerous to Your Health?

Learn when obesity becomes so dangerous to your health that intervention is necessary in this Howcast video.


If you're obese, you may be wondering "when do I have to do something about it?" or, "when does an intervention become necessary?".

And the answer is, really, now. Do something before maybe you develop other illnesses or co-morbidities that are associated with being overweight or obese, because the good news is that even if you have some medical conditions now, such as diabetes or even high blood pressure or infertility, if you do make the changes necessary to help lose some weight, a lot of those risk factors are actually going to be reduced or even eliminated.

So, if you or somebody that you love are obese, or you think you might be obese, first you can figure that out by calculating your BMI. You can go to our website, plug in your height and your weight and that will give you a number. If your BMI is 25 to 30, that's overweight. If it's 30 or greater, that's considered obese. Any of these numbers, if your BMI is over 25, you should really talk to your doctor and try to come up with a plan to help reverse the negative effects of obesity. This could be anything from a diet and exercise regimen, to medications, or even weight loss surgery.

Really, a lot of the health risks that are associated with obesity, improve or even go away after you lose even just a little bit of weight.

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