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Psychological Reasons People Overeat

Learn about some of the psychological reasons people overeat in this Howcast video about obesity.


It's important to realize several psychological factors influence overeating. Emotional eating is something that is very common in my patients. For example, many people will eat because they're feeling stressed or they're feeling depressed, and many people use food as something to help fill a certain void in their life. So its very important to evaluate your psychological health, when you are trying to have a healthier lifestyle and trying to lose weight.

So for my patients in particular, before they have weight loss surgery, we and insurance companies actually, also require that they undergo a psychological evaluation. This is very important, because after weight loss surgery, our patients aren't physically able to eat the same volumes of food that they were eating before.

Just because you have weight loss surgery, doesn't mean you are not still going to experience those emotions that you had before surgery. It's important to find other ways to help cope with certain emotions. So if you feel you are an emotional eater and you're overeating, because you might be depressed or stressed, try to speak with your doctor or maybe a therapist or psychologist, to help find ways that you can better cope with these emotions.

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