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Weight Loss Surgery & Diabetes

Learn how weight loss surgery can affect diabetes in this Howcast video.


We know that obesity and diabetes are closely related. In fact about 85% of type 2 diabetics are obese. One option to help lose weight is weight loss surgery and weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery has been shown to positively affect diabetes and in many cases to actually cure diabetes in some people. When we talk about weight loss surgery, we're talking about things like the gastric band, the gastric sleeve or the gastric bypass.

So with all of these surgeries you lose weight, and after you lose weight, your sugars are usually better controlled. The exciting thing about the sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass surgeries, in particular, are that after you have these surgeries the hormonal environment in your body is changed, such that your body is better able to handle sugars.

For example, I have patients that are type 2 diabetic that are on insulin and then have gastric bypass, say. Some of these patients actually leave the hospital and never need their insulin again. So clearly, the weight loss surgery is curing their diabetes, not just from weight loss because they're not losing 100 pounds overnight, but it's because of the hormonal changes that happen in their body.

Studies have been published by the Cleveland Clinic, as well as Cornell comparing the difference between weight loss surgery and medication alone for the treatment of diabetes. And I believe the results were actually published on the front page of the New York Times, and these studies showed that weight loss surgery, actually had better results in controlling diabetes than medication alone. So if you are obese and you do have type 2 diabetes, speak with your doctor because maybe weight loss surgery is an option for you.

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