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Secrets of People Who Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Learn the dieting and lifestyle secrets of people who have lost weight and kept it off in this Howcast video about obesity.


So one of the hardest things is not just losing weight, but actually keeping that weight off. Here are some tips on how to keep that weight off. Number one is, make sure that whatever changes you've made in your life to lose weight in the first place, are changes that you can live with forever. Some of the fad diets that are out there work really well, but once you go off them, then you're going to gain the weight back. This can be true for other medications, as well. Some medications work really well, but once you go off the medication, either because of side effects, or because you're not able to be on them for life, you can gain weight back.

So you need to change your lifestyle and make behavior modifications that you're able to live with forever. Another thing that's very important in helping keep weight off is support and this can come in forms of support from your family and friends. Also, maybe psychological support, because we know that a big component of weight gain has to do with your emotions. Many people are emotional eaters, and so you need to really get that under control, if you want to try to lose weight and also to keep that off.

I know that many of my patients who have had surgery, the ones that are the most successful in keeping their weight off are those that have a strong support system at home, and those that actually come to support groups, and who speak with other patients that have had surgery. So whether you've had surgery or not, if you've lost weight and you want to keep it off, make sure you associate yourselves with people who are supportive, and who are going to be proud of you and help you continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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