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Foods You Should Eat after Bariatric Surgery

Learn what foods you should eat after having bariatric surgery in this Howcast video about obesity and weight loss surgery.


What foods should you eat after bariatric surgery? I think the most important part of any meal after bariatric surgery should be protein. Your body needs protein to exist and to carry out its activities of daily living and really to just move and breathe. You want to make sure you're getting in enough protein. This could be in the form of a protein shake, especially after the gastric bypass. Or you can make sure you get protein in things like eggs, cheese, meats, and beans.

Other foods, obviously you need to make sure that you're eating your vegetables. And fruits, also, to a limited extent. You want to make sure that you are not overdoing it with fruit because many fruits have a lot of sugar.

You should make sure that you do eat three meals a day after bariatric surgery. Snacking is Okay as long as you make the right choices. Some healthy snacks are, perhaps, a handful of almonds or a greek yogurt or maybe a piece of cheese. These are some ideas of foods that are OK to eat after bariatric surgery.

Immediately after weight loss surgery you most likely will be on a liquid only diet. This usually varies, the length of time. Speak with your surgeon. But usually this is anywhere between one and two to three weeks after surgery. You'll be taking in mostly things like protein shakes, maybe Crystal Light or other zero calorie liquids. It's important to make sure you drink at least 64 ounces of liquid a day both immediately after surgery and lifelong after surgery. Other things that you'll be able to have immediately after surgery are things like jello and broth.

Those are some examples of things that you can consume immediately after surgery and for the rest of your life after weight loss surgery.

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