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Backflip Drills

Learn some backflip drills in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


There are so many drills that you can do to learn a back flip. All of them serve the purpose of helping the gymnast get over their fear of jumping backwards. When you think about doing a back flip a lot of people might start doing the motion and then they get scared. So I showed you guys a drill on the cheese mat, jumping backwards, rolling off the cheese mat onto the floor which simulates the actual motion of a back flip. It helps you not be scared of doing the actual back flip and then you can progress on to other drills.

So we showed you another one on the panel mat, where you jumped off a higher surface and landed on a lower surface. So it gives you more height and more time to land the skill. There are even so many more. You can do back flips on a trampoline. You can jump into a pit. You can start on a hard surface, jump backwards and land into a pit. That will also help you not be afraid of going backwards.

You can us a bungee. You can hook yourself into a belt and lift yourself into a back flip. Any surface that is softer and more bouncy than a floor exercise. It's not a good idea to go do it on the grass for the first time. You know, if you learn it on a trampoline or a tumble track or even on a soft mat, all these things will help you to learn a back flip. Just remember to be safe whenever you do this. Use a soft surface, soft mat when learning this skill.

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